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    Notarikon can find over 40K permutations of a word. It can also guess the type of search based on a user's input.

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    The user interface adjusts itself based on the type and size of your device thus enhancing the user experience at its core.

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    99.99% of the time. Achieved using a series of automated and intelligent data extraction algorithms.

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Notarikon at a glance

There are four types of searches you can perform with the app. Each one is a different kind of Bible Code. Strings must consist of either Hebrew characters or numbers. Spaces and Latin characters are not allowed. Notarikon can search for results in the Pentateuch, Prophets and Writings.

1. Acronyms

An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters in a phrase. Words must be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 letters long. This limitation applies to bacronyms and permutations as well.

2. Bacronyms

A bacronym is an abbreviation formed from the final letters in a phrase. Notarikon will automatically convert final letters (i.e. ף, ץ) to standard letters (i.e. פ, צ) and vice-versa.

3. Gematria

The gematria, or numerical value, of a word is formed by adding the sum of each letter's value. For example aleph (א) equals 1 and bet (ב) equals 2. ABA (אבא), or father in Hebrew, will then equal 1 + 2 + 1 = 4. Words entered must be a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 letters long. You can also enter numbers at any time and Notarikon will automatically search for numerical values.

4. Permutations

You can also search for a word or any of its permutations. Permutations are strings of characters formed by mixing the letters of a word. Notarikon lets you automatically search up to 40,320 permutations of a single word. This is the main reason the amount of characters is limited.

Exact Match

When switched on, Notarikon will only search for a word as it is entered in the search bar. Please note that in some cases, when words contain more than 6 letters and exact match is switched off, results can take up to 2 minutes to be displayed. Exact match is automatically disabled when searching for numerical values.


Tapping a result will display the translation in a new panel. You must be connected to the Internet to use Notarikon and have a Hebrew keyboard layout installed. Translation service relies on a 3rd party service provider.

The importance of authenticity amongst scholars

The basic premise of authentic codes is that the Hebrew Bible's language isn't so much the product of a random set of historical events but rather that there was a divine, yet rational intervention onto the language's design.

People believe otherwise and such is the stranglehold that various schools of linguistics have had over the fabrication of current beliefs. Yet proof is amply scattered with evidence that an encoded, numerical and factorial component was active in the creation of the language.

Notarikon is the only Bible Code unanimously recognized by rabbinical authorities and scholars. The amount of references to acronyms found in rabbinic literature itself could fill volumes. Below are some of the most well-known sources.

  • The Zohar & Tikounei Zohar
  • The Baal Hatourim
  • The Writings of the Ari Zal
  • Likoutei Moharan & Likoutei Halakhot

The best part of Notarikon is finding new insights on your own. What's even better is sharing those insights with friends, coworkers and family. Depending on the apps installed on your device, Notarikon will display the options available to you when tapping the share icon (i.e. Mail, Message, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp).


We truly believe in the utility of Notarikon and therefore made it available on all three major platforms.

  • Android

    Version 4.4+

    76.90 free updates
    • Based on the Linux kernel
    • Handsets, Tablets, TVs
    • Works with Google Now
    • Shares to Google Drive
    Most frequently updated.
  • macOS

    Version 10.2+

    $ 19.99 free updates
    • Most advanced OS
    • Macbooks, Mac Mini, Pro
    • Works with Siri
    • Shares to Screen
    Also available on the Windows Store.

You must be connected to the Internet when using Notarikon and have a Hebrew keyboard layout installed. Translation services rely on 3rd-party providers.


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Introducting the first-ever Notarikon Dictionary

A breathtaking collection of acronyms and bacronyms of the Tetragrammaton. Takes the reader on a tour of the most intellectually stunning and important exegesis technique. Follow Notarikon's journey through the twelve permutations spanning 39 books of Scripture.

Using the exhaustive list of entries from the dictionary, one can put together amazing lectures. There is absolutely no limit to the mind blowing novelties that can be expunged. Discover the Bible anew using the results found in the dictionary. There are 932 acronyms of the Tetragrammaton in the Hebrew Bible. Each one can open infinite amounts of interpretations. All you need is basic Hebrew language skills.

- Completely revised and updated.
- 424 Acronyms and 508 Bacronyms.
- 12 permutations sorted in alphabetical order.
- Indexed by weekly chapters.
- Footnotes for easy referencing.
- 148 pages.

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About The Author Y. D. Amselem, B. Eng. is an Israeli Computer Engineer of Canadian origin. He lives in South-Central Jerusalem. Over the years he's become an expert in the field of acronyms and in 2006, began developing Notarikon. In 2011, this led David to edit and publish the first ever extensive dictionary of all the acronyms and bacronyms of the Tetragrammaton.

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